Friday, February 04, 2005

Bonus Blog! -- Illin' the Blanks

As waxed upon earlier today, temperment informs one's writing. So take the Bookfraud temperment test!

Tell what mood you're in and fill in the blanks. Crab libs.

This story is about ____ (noun), in which ____ (proper noun) decides that ____ (proper noun) is a ____ ____ (adjective, noun) and she must ____ (verb or verb & noun). In one scene, a ____ (noun) ____ (verb) a ____ (noun), and when ____ (proper noun) ____ (verb) the ____ (noun), a ____ (noun) decides to ____ ___(verb, noun). There is a revelation near the end, in which ____ (proper noun) confronts her ____ ____ (adjective, noun) and with ____ ____ (adjective, noun) says, "____." (whatever the hell you want).