Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vacation Notice

Bookfraud is out on vacation until sometime in 2007. He has no access to e-mail, the Internet, computers, cell phones, telephones, cable TV, radio, newspapers, postcards, letters, pen, paper, or language. He will be unable to answer your inquiries until he returns, though he probably won't.

If your request is in the matter of "writing" or "publishing," please contact his "agent," whose name is not "Murray," "Ira," or "Morty." Do not contact said agent unless you are prepared to hand over a six-figure check or a Porsche.

If your request has to do with his job, just go to hell.

If your request has to do with this blog, feel free to make comments, but don't expect a reply. If you are one of those jerkoffs who has been periodically spamming the comments section with gibberish in Italian, scopata voi stessi. (I think.)

If your matter is urgent, you have come to the wrong place.

Happy Holidays.