Sunday, July 23, 2006


The other day, it occurred to me that since I’m not getting my crappy fiction published with “mainstream” journals with “big-time” names with "brilliant" grad-school editors, I might as well publish it myself.

(This epiphany occurred after several cups of coffee, not to mention several hits of Benzedrine, and I didn’t run it by Wife, a shrink, or someone less prone to wild mood swings.)

So I bring you Storyfraud, an all-new blog with a less-than-brilliant name where you will find short stories and novel excerpts from this fair author. Some pieces will be polished and relatively coherent; some will be rough and generally incoherent; others, just plain crazy.

New posts on Storyfraud will be unscheduled and infrequent. If I’m in a good frame of mind, and don’t despise myself and my writing, I’ll be inclined to publish on Storyfraud. Unfortunately, those happy days are far and few between, so you won’t have to suffer too much.

The first selection I have deemed worthy of the Storyfraud name is called "The Last Dance.” It runs 5,000 words, and after reading a few screens and scrolling down, your eyes will start to melt, but such are the limits of technology (and my technological aptitude). “The Last Dance” has been rejected many times, though I get encouraging rejection notes for it, once in a great, great while.

If you feel so moved to actually read my otherwise unprintable slop, also feel free to comment, even if you hate the posting. I’m not looking for a virtual workshop, or asking you, as a Bookfraud reader, to please please please read my fiction, for you may find it disagreeable, and quite different than my missives posted here on the writing life.

Really, I’m just hoping someone will read it for his or her enjoyment. If, in reading my fiction, you form a negative opinion of my work — “No wonder he’s not published! He can’t write for shit and should shut the fuck up with all that whining!” — so be it.

So for those of you who choose to peruse Storyfraud, my hats off to you. For everybody else, I’ll see you in hell.

Just kidding about that. A little.